Curious Cat Meets the World

It’s always interesting to look back at one’s blog/s, go through it and discover how one has changed and grown (hopefully) through time.

Lately, I’ve been feeling more and more growing ‘pains’ (okay, so there are perks also) in life – getting to go out more often with friends, starting to travel a little bit more (wait til I replace my lost passport, yeehaa!), having the freedom to start making decisions for myself, paying more bills (end of the month just doesn’t really look that good anymore heehee), having my own room, buying my own stuff, and essentially testing the waters of independence. It hasn’t been a smooth ride so far but I have been very blessed with stuff and people that/who help make the decision-making process a little bit easier and less traumatic. 😉

And so, as the curious cat ventures out to meet ‘Teh World’, I hope I can capture her experiences vividly in this blog. And hopefully, this will be something good to look back upon after x-number of years.


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