Living and Dying

Happy Easter to all!

Today marks the resurrection of our Lord, the Prince of Peace who died and has conquered death. The priest’s homily for today was centered on our own ‘resurrection’ from our past sins.

I remember picking up a book by Bo Sanchez in one of my trips to National Bookstore and getting moved into tears after reading the back cover. That was the time when I was feeling really down in life. In the cover was written, “Your past does not dictate your future,” or something along those lines. It was particularly special to me at that time because it gave me strength to pick up the pieces and start over again (though I nevet got around to buying that book hehe).

This Easter, let us be reminded that our sins have been paid in full by the only Son of God who did not sin and yet willingly gave up his life for our salvation. His death on the cross has given all of us a “new lease in life” enabling us to realize our sinfulness and resolve to change for the better.

Quite paradoxically, our own ‘resurrection’ or ‘starting over’ includes dying within ourselves. Dying in order that we may live for God’s glory is an endeavor that we can undertake everyday. It is not a simple task, yes it is easier said than done, but I hope that the beautiful story Jesus’ death and resurrection can help us persevere and live faithfully everyday.


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