Freed from Slavery

What enslaves you?

Too much work (yes,  it can be addicting at some point)?

Food (aray)? Excessive indulgence in luxuries?

Gossip? Smoking? Pornography?

Excessive love for money?

Your past sins?

Photo from The Family Court Chronicles

Modern-day slavery is the kind of slavery that is not too obvious at the onset. It is unlike the traditional notion of slavery where a person is bound to or is maltreated by another entity. This type of slavery seeps bit by bit into your own personal system until it becomes a habit then an addiction.

As I have mentioned in my previous post, Living and Dying, the resurrection of Jesus has freed us from our slavery. Yes, you are free! And Jesus tells us, “Do not be afraid.

Do not be afraid to embrace this freedom. Do not be afraid of the struggle in order to change for the better. Do not be afraid to stand up for the truth. Do not be afraid to live out your faith everyday. For your salvation has been paid full by the Son who gladly gave up His life for us.


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