Are you busy? Chances are you’d say ‘yes’ without batting an eyelash. As Kimmy Go Dong Hae (in Kimmy Dora) would say, “Pressured ako! Busy ako!” with that ‘awwr, don’t come near me’ tone. And as we all know, being busy is one of the most convenient excuses.

The reflection for today’s First Reading came as a powerful reminder to me:

“It’s very easy to be busy but there is a need to be busy doing the things that God wants us to be doing.”

It made me pause and reevaluate  my busy life. What are the things I’m busy with? What keeps me up at night? What gets my mind moving at a passionate pace? What makes my heart throb quicker?

It’s indeed easy to fall into the trap of being busy, of letting life take over you instead of you taking charge of your life. Yes, we all have obligations and responsibilities in life – those are all very real matters that can neither be neglected nor pushed away.

I used to think that being busy was a valid excuse – even with God. For a time, I neglected my prayer life and got caught up with, well, sadly less important things. 😦 Thankfully, I was able to, so to speak, make my way back into the fold.

Hopefully wiser this time around, being busy ceases to be an excuse. It’s no longer acceptable to lie down at night and forego praying because the day has been ‘long’ and ‘tiring’. It’s also no longer acceptable to be selfish and snappy just because there is ‘too much pressure’. One of my most important learnings is that each day is an opportunity for sanctification – to make one’s day a gift to the Lord by doing one’s best and offering it up to God.

“Every activity – be it of great human importance or not must become for you a means to serve Our Lord and your fellow men. That is the true measure of its importance.” (The Forge, 684)

Today, I urge you also to offer all your works for sanctification, to make every thing you do an expression of who God is. Or at the very least, to ask yourself, am I busy with the things that God wants me to do?



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