Do I Really Know How to Love?

Love is one of my favorite topics to talk about. Actually, I’d like to think that it is one of the favorite topics of people. There are so many shows, books, songs, art talking about love.

I’ve had my own romantic relationship and also experienced love within relationships with family and friends. The bigger question I now pose to myself is this: “after all that is said and done, do I really know how to love?”

To truly love is not easy. In fact, to love in its truest sense requires hard work and determination; it is a conscious decision which one will have to work on everyday. Because the people we love will not always be ‘lovable’; there are days that they will test our patience and kindness. And precisely because of our love for them that the things they do pose a greater chance to wound us.

The Sabbath reflection for today says,

“Intimacy knows no bounds for people who really know how to love.”

At this age where we are constantly bombarded with distorted messages and images of love, is there still something we can look up to for authentic love? The good news is, yes there is! Gaze at the face of Christ and see how much God the Father loves us, so much so that He gave up His only Son in order to save us. How blessed are we, poor sinners, to experience such love from the Father! For me, this is one of the most intimate expressions of love – to give up your only child to save a bunch of sinful people who participated in the death of your child. Ask a parent and I’m sure they will have a tough time answering whether they would be willing to make the same sacrifice.

Yet the Father was so merciful and generous enough to make the sacrifice of giving up His only Son so that we might be saved.

That is, my friends, love. How truly blessed we are to experience such love.

Lord, help me always to remember how You love and that I may be able to truly love as well every day.


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