Let’s give it a try

Wow, I’d say this blog has almost fallen into my list of ‘blogs-that-I-started-but-abandoned-halfway’ if not for my renewed (yes, you read that right) interest in blogging.

I was scanning various blogs for the past few days and got so inspired with these people who blog as a hobby. Wow, where do they get the time for it (and the energy as well)? Haha.

It amazes me how a lot of bloggers can just focus on one topic per blog and write so much! I feel like my blog is more of a last-minute, quickly made fruit salad – a hodge podge of different topics. I’d love for this blog to have just one topic but what the heck, the first baby step for me is to blog on a regular basis. Then maybe I can realistically move on to narrowing my focus.

So yes, consider this as a second attempt in my ‘young adult blogging’ phase. I’ll be posting very random topics from time to time.

So much for feeling very organized and OC. Now excuse me while I inject more randomness in my life.


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