All Grownup Flower Girl

20120121-233628.jpg“Flower Girl” nails courtesy of Bobbie Nail Creme.

I first put on the Bobbie Basic base coat. Girls, never skip out on the base coat to protect your nails against yellowing especially if you’ll be wearing a dark shade of polish.

Then I layered two coats of Flower Girl. It is a peachy salmon-ish shade with a nice glaze finish.

Afterwards, swipe a coat of Bobbie Basic Sheer top coat to protect the polish. It’s always nice to invest in a good top coat as it does wonders in prolonging the life span of your mani and pedi.

Lastly, finish off with Bobbie Basic Special Quick-Dry. If you’re impatient like me, this is really a genius product because it saves us from a long waiting period to dry the nail polish. Though of course you really do need to give the polish time to settle and dry up nicely.

Bobbie is a local Philippine brand and I think that their shade selection has improved over time. I just wish that they also work on improving their polishes’ staying power. But overall, I am happy with how my nails turned out. 🙂


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