Enter the Dragon!

Gong Xi Fa Cai to all my friends! I got a feeling that this will be an even better year. 🙂

The year of the Rabbit was somehow good to me. It found me working for the public’s interest in government, enriching my spirituality, carrying out an apostolate, strengthening family ties, forging lifetime friendships, opening up to a wider horizon and finding a love that will hopefully last a lifetime.

To close the Year of the Rabbit, this is how I spent my day. Of course, ending a year is just as important as beginning one!

I went to Sunday mass feeling all girly and dressed up in a green floral dress (photobin another post, hehe). People were asking me, “why aren’t you wearing red? Everyone’s wearing it!” And that’s exactly why I went green today with red only as an accent. I didn’t want to end up looking part of the Red Sea (lol, just kidding).

My nails, unfortunately, were not cooperating as well as my outfit was. The previous night’s manicure was ruined; I had to take it off even though the peach shade was really pretty. Sob.


I ended up wearing a nude shade just to be safe. I kind of like how it ended up – clean, polished and very simple. This shade just might be finished up unlike all other shades in my collection, heehee. 😀

Watched two movies in one sitting, woohoo. To those who don’t know, my movie and TV life can get non-existent sometimes so I really treasure rare moments that I get to watch movies and series on TV.


I enjoyed both X-Men: The Last Stand and How to Train Your Dragon. If only for Hugh Jackman, aka Wolverine, then I’m a complete fan of X-Men but you’ll have to agree that the story itself of mutants is quite interesting. Mutation has never been so much in vogue as after X-Men made it fashionable to sport a different skin color (and we’re not talking about shades within the brown/olive/yellow family) or have the ability to contort parts of the body.


The inner kid in me loved How to Train Your Dragon. For everybody out there who has felt lost and afraid at one point in their lives, this movie is for you to show you that you don’t always have to follow. Sometimes, marks are made when one is brave enough to take risks and follow one’s heart. ❤


Finally got my hands on Goody’s Modern Updo! So excited to practice with it and try different looks. Will feature it in another post. 🙂

The highlight of the day is the night’s food coma with ze boyfriend! Posting photos in the next post. I love a boyfriend who likes food and who likes to eat. I’m like the man whose way to the heart is through the stomach. Heehee!

I hope you closed the Year of the Rabbit with a blast too! Cheers to a year that has gone by and to an even better one that has just begun!


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