Food Coma

Ze boyfriend and I met up for dinner. Finally! ❤ He’s been working in the province for quite some time now and his long working hours often make it hard for him to come home to the metro. (So you see girls, be thankful if you’re lucky enough to see your special someone on a fairly regular basis.)

So I was happy, wait, ecstatic, to see him again after quite some time. He just spent the whole day hard at work and with only one meal in his tummy. Terrible! So we did the next best thing – pig out! 😀

20120124-002006.jpgRack’s has pretty generous servings, I must say. We got a platter of bolognese, fish and chips and a full slab of baby back ribs. Yum! 😀 I’m glad that ze boyfriend loves eating; I imagine it would be hard to be with someone who doesn’t enjoy eating.


Spoils of war! Hahaha. We ended up wiping out the food. How’s that for hungry? Heehee. 😛

But food or no food, pig or no pig out, I’d be equally happy just to see him, sit down and talk. Yes, I am that cheesy. 🙂 (as cheesy as mac ‘n cheese)



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