[Tumblr Photo Challenge for February] Days 2-6

Photo dump coming right up! 😀 Photos I posted for Days 2-6 the February Tumblr Photo Challenge.

Day 2: Words

“Life may be marred into a broken thing but God can make it into a thing of beauty.” – Treasure in Clay

One of the most beautiful passages in then-Archbishop Fulton Sheen’s autobiography.

Bad experiences, wrong choices, unwise decisions – all of these can break us but the Potter can always remold us jars of clay into, maybe not a Ming vase, but an equally beautiful clay pot.

Day 3: Hands

  Manangs’ SPArty (Dec 2011) ! 🙂

Absolutely fun and kikay Christmas celebration with my girlfriends last Christmas.

Thanks to Organic Rituals Spa for the great service and luxurious ambiance.

Love the Long Wear Manicure and Pedicure; it really does last for a long time. Tried and tested by me who has a tendency to ‘abuse’ my nails. 😛

Day 4: A Stranger

Went to Southridge School’s D-Day Celebration this Saturday. How cute the grade schoolers! 🙂

I found out that they had two ‘houses’ (Vinta and Helm), sort of like Hogwarts (which has four). Cool!

They also invited a real Drum and Bugle Corps to perform. I would have to say that it was a really good performance. I admire the blocking (without any real lines or markings since it was a soccer field!) and the choreography.

I was to chicken to take a photo of a complete stranger and well, it might be a tad too intrusive and stalker-ish so I did the next best thing: take a photo of something else other than the face! 😛

Day 5: 10am

 I’m really glad our group started to pray a thanksgiving prayer after the 9 am mass every Sunday. It might be routinary but well, I’m a person of routine (haha) and I think it helps us to come together as a group after the mass.

Here’s a copy of the prayer which we use in thanksgiving. Feel free to pray it also after going to mass. 🙂

Day 6: Dinner

 I was soooo hungry when I got home last night that I ate a plateful! 😀 Heehee! There goes the so-called ‘weight-loss’ diet.

Looking forward to post Day 7’s photo later. 🙂 I already have an idea about it in my head, just have to find the energy to take the photo/s for it. Heehee. Later! 🙂


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