Super Sale. Super Shop.

For those itching to go shopping this weekend, check out the Super Sale Bazaar at the World Trade Center! Lots of cute trinkets, lovely clothes at reasonable prices and makeup. Truly every kikay girl’s paradise. 😉

My officemates and I dropped by today and came out with not less than 1 bag of goodies. Heehee. Good thing that the ATM machine was quite some distance to the tent so that was some form of control for us. Otherwise, we would have totally gone crazy. I saw quite a number of interesting stuff but I’m trying to be more deliberate with my purchases. Feeling more responsible, ‘no? 🙂

Quick post of my Super Sale loot today.

Got these cute skirts at very reasonable prices! Since summer’s around the corner (or it might be here already since it has been super hot lately), I figured I might as well have something cool and easy to wear. Enter swishy skirts – light and comfy. Not to mention that the length is very modest. Thumbs up! 🙂


Love love the tribal print! Fun and colorful, talk about having that summer vibe! The waistband fakes a decent waistline for me, lol. I love the floral print too and the aqua shade. So easy on the eyes, don’t you think?

I got some sunnies too. Very affordable and chic at the same time. I’d love to have at least one designer pair but while I’m rationalizing the price tag in my mind, I’d gladly settle for unbranded pairs.



Cute, right? 🙂 Perfect for the sunny days ahead!

I also bought a pair of gold Heliana sandals that are really comfy and super chic. Best part? Locally handmade. C’mon, who doesn’t want to support our local economy?

Head to the Super Sale Bazaar which will be in WTC until Sunday and see for yourself all the interesting items for sale. ❤


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