Almost summer.

One more week until March ends and April kicks in. Another quarter has ended by then. How fast time flies!

I’ve never really been a big fan of summer since my family wasn’t really the traveling type. We would usually spend summer just here in Manila since both my parents are working and weekends are reserved for catching up with house chores. But for some reason, I’m kind of excited for summer this year. 🙂 Blame it on the financial independence, it means I can travel more now without the parents’ financial support, hehe. And blame it on the awesome summer I had last year (Dagupan and Naga!). 😉

To hype up the incoming summer season (who cares if it rains?), I even re-skinned my phone so that it gives off a summer vibe. I actually wish I can paint my case yellow, haha!

I got this free wallpaper online (uh-oh forgot the site, I’m sorry!) and just stuck it everywhere on my phone (yes, even on the keyboard!). Just wanted to share some screenshots of the lockscreen, home screen and keyboard with you. Hoping you’d be excited for summer too, lol. 😀


This year’s summer seems full of ministry activities. We’ll be having a Youth Encounter in Tagaytay on April and a Leadership Camp on May (uhh, where’s this going to be again?) besides the other activities and meetings in between. I’m actually hoping that J and I can go to Corregidor sometime in May and my fingers are crossed that he can come with us to Bohol in July.

So, what are your summer plans? Do share! 🙂


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