Because He is a God of Beauty.

My post today is very personal to me. It’s part of my battle with insecurity. Believe it or not, I have battled with insecurity since my teenage years. I had really low days in the past and it resulted in not very good choices.

But our God is a God of love, mercy and forgiveness. Despite my wrong choices and bad decisions in the past, His love has never ceased for me.

There are days when I pray, “God, please take away these negative feelings from me!” Something happened today which brought back the ugly emotions but I’m very thankful for it. Perhaps, it is my blessing in disguise for the day.

I prayed for the feelings to go away. I didn’t want to go back to how I was before. The merciful and loving Father never fails and below is a product of my inspiration during my prayer time.

I wish to share and dedicate this to each and every girl out thete who ever thought they weren’t beautiful enough or that their life wasn’t just worth living.

Maybe I will never be as beautiful as her,
My life is not glamorous like hers,
Her eyes may always shine brighter than mine, smile sweeter, hair smoother, waist smaller, teeth whiter, legs longer, skin softer.

But why should I be NoT jealous?
Not because there might be tears behind the bright eyes,
Or that there is dimness when the lights of glamour go out,
And certainly not because she isn’t beautiful deep down inside her.

No need to be jealous simply because
My life was entrusted to me by Him
With a post-it note saying,
“please make it the most beautiful you can with your obedience and faithfulness.
I can make your life beautiful
and trust me, I will.”


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One response to “Because He is a God of Beauty.

  1. Seriously, I am learning from this post. Praying worked for me once, it will not be surprising if it worked again this time around. 🙂

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