Of brights and reds.

Bright lipstick. Red lipstick. The thought of it is scary.

What if too many people stare in the streets? What if I draw too much attention to myself?

What if I look cheap? What if I turn out looking like a clown?

All valid thoughts and concerns, girl. But the good news is, yes you can wear a bright shade on your lips and not have to worry about those things I mentioned above.

Now I’m in no way an expert but I was also once afraid of trying out a bold shade. I would often just stick to peaches, nudes and neutral pinks. But I found myself lately saying “what the hello” and swiping on a bright shade of red on my lips.


Ta-Da! Not bad, right?

Ta-da! Not bad, right?
So how will I be wearing bright lipsticks from hereon bases on my experience?

1. Keep the rest of the face simple.
Simple means a nice canvas (lucky girls with naturally clear skin; for me who is not so blessed, I need to conceal then put on powder foundation). Simple also means minimal everything. (more on this on the following points)

2. Simple means a neutral shade of blush. For the photo above, I used Fanny Serrano blush in Silky Coral (doesn’t really show in the photo, right? Too bad, the photo got a little overexposed). I also contoured a bit as my face tends to get a bit too wide for my taste, hehe. Just don’t overdo the contouring, you don’t want to end up looking TOO thin (as in gaunt?).

3. Simple also means neutral eyes but with a generous swipe of mascara. Again, for the photo above, I used a neutral set (browns, taupes and light pink) then put on brown eyeliner.


Avon Charming Pomegranate lipstick with Pretty when Pinched Cheek Tint and Avon Lash Extend Mascara

Don’t forget to curl your lashes too! I think this is a step that must not be missed everyday; it really does wonders! Then put on a good mascara to up the glam factor. I used Avon Lash Extend Mascara in the photo. You can actually skip the shadow and liner and just curl and put on mascara.

4. Put on lip liner before putting on the lipstick. The liner will help prevent premature bleeding of the color. We all know how dyahe it can be to have our lipstick all over our mouth and its edges, yikes!

5. Put on your best-est face of confidence and show the world how pretty you are with a bright lipstick! How you will carry this look will be essential in enjoying it and upping your confidence level.

When will you start wearing your own red lipstick? 🙂



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2 responses to “Of brights and reds.

  1. it looks more pink in the pics, but it looks great on you nonetheless 🙂

  2. Thanks! 🙂 I love this shade and recommend it to many girls. 🙂

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