Workwear Essentials: Avon Multiway Cowlneck Dress and Manzzini Carry-All

Quick trivia: The Curious Cat has been a member of the Philippine labor force since 2009. Yup, fresh out of graduation! Never had a long vacation after 4 years of college life and couldn’t afford to take a break anyway. 🙂

I am now at my third job and have realized the sore lack of office clothes in my wardrobe. Must be due to the informal nature of my two previous jobs. But as I get to realize more and more the value of appropriate dressing (especially in the work setting),  I should really start building my key pieces.

The usual instinct would be to buy first a good pair of work trousers or slacks but I find myself getting drawn to dresses partly because it takes me forever to find a well-fitting pair. Something to do with my hips and tummy, hehe.

You know the ubiquitous LBD (little black dress) that keeps cropping up in the ‘must have’ lists? Well, I must have about 3 of that now – in different cuts, texture, and fit. Allow me to share one of them with you together with the perfect complement to it, a simply gorgeous black carry-all.

I present to you: Avon Multiway Cowlneck Dress and Avon Manzzini Carry-All 🙂

Can this be love I’m feeling right now? ❤

What I Love:

The dress is made of thick yet soft fabric and its turtle-neck like neckline provides just enough warmth inside an air-conditioned office. The length is just right, not too short that makes it inappropriate for meetings and not too short that makes it look dowdy. And of course, it’s black! The universal color to look instantly slimmer!

Made of high-quality man-made quality leather with goldtone hardware as accents, the Manzzini Carry-All (also from Avon) is roomy, sturdy and simply elegant. I appreciate that Avon has included a bag organizer in this – basic and plain at the least but it does the job of keeping things organized in this chic bag.

O diba, you can just change your shoes and accessories then take this outfit from meetings to after-work dinner and drinks. So easy 🙂

Appreciate the detachable keyholder 😉

So there goes my first workwear-related post. As I always say, I’m not into hard sell and my clients can attest to this. I simply love sharing a good buy when I find one. 😉

For those looking for a more affordable alternative to high-end designers, you might want to try Avon’s Cowlneck Dress. Throw in a Manzzini Carry-All as well!

For those who wish to place their orders, you may leave a comment here or tweet me at 🙂



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