Book your Spa Party with E-Relax!

My 2011 Christmas get-together with my girlfriends was a spa party! Good times. 🙂

Who doesn’t love taking time off and going to the spa? Nowadays, even men troop to spas to get their massage (the wholesome type!) and pamper themselves. For women, it’s double the treat to go with girlfriends! Nothing still beats the shared experience of getting a mani-pedi and enjoying a massage, right girls? ♥

Good thing that E-Relax is offering Spa Party Package Discounts good for groups of 8 or 12 through!

“Pampering yourself may be a lone mission for you every week but why not combine bonding with your gal pals and partying in one relaxing treat? Let E-Relax take care of you and your friends with a Spa Party Package good for 8-12 people that you can conveniently do at home or in your rented hotel suite. Feel luxurious with 5 hours of body massage, body reflex, foot spa, hand spa, mani-pedi, hair-do styling, and lots of chitchat with your barkada and you’ll definitely feel both rejuvenated and refreshed with this worthwhile bonding with your friends.”

E-Relax offers home service massage and have also included manis and pedis in their menu of services. Featured twice already on TV5 morning shows, E-Relax always aims for all of its clients to “experience ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation in the comfort of their home”.

For the ultimate girly bonding experience, check out the following options available:

  • Package A, good for 8 people, for P3000 (valued at P6000)
  • Package B, good for 12 people, for P4000 (valued at P8000)

All packages are inclusive of 5 hours of pampering: hair styling, hand spa with manicure, foot spa with pedicure, body massage, and body reflexology by trained therapists.

The voucher is valid from September 24, 2012 until September 24, 2013. Wow, so looks like you can pre-plan now your bridal shower or annual girls’ get-together for next year. 😉

Now excuse me while I  schedule the next spa party with my girls. ♥

Make your E-Relax appointment through (02)624.1703 or (0917)536.1015.



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