Be Magnetized with Bobbie Magnet-Ficent Polish

I’m a sucker for colors. Yes, I really am so it’s no surprise that I have a lot of nail polishes, way too many than I think is the practical number of polishes to have. The latest addition to my ever-growing collection is Bobbie’s Magnet-Ficent Polish in SI- 204.

My quick thoughts on it:

SI-204 is a pretty silver shade – very wearable, safe but not dull.

The polish is of a thick consistency but it actually dries up fast and well.

The magnet is on top of the bottle cap and is not removable.

Has the usual chemical nail polish scent (which can leave one semi-‘high’ after some time. I kid.)

First try. Practice makes perfect!

My experience:

I first thought that it was defective because nothing was really happening and I was beginning to feel frustrated. Although, truth to tell, the gunmetal gray shade wasn’t so bad in itself that I was prepared to accept that the polish doesn’t work. Good thing that I searched for reviews and found one post with helpful hints in using this. One thick coat is enough for me. Besides that my nails are really small, I’m afraid that two coats might not dry well and just wake up in the morning with ruined polish. 😐 I applied it quickly with one to two swipes then I place the magnet above the nail as closely as possible. The effect appears after 10-15 seconds.

A top coat is a must! 🙂 It polishes the look and keeps polish alive for several days.

Did I like it? Yes! =) I’m rather excited to pick another color and try out the magnet again. There’s so much room for creativity with this one combined with other nail art stuff.

w flash vs w/o flash




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2 responses to “Be Magnetized with Bobbie Magnet-Ficent Polish

  1. this one looks unique!!! 🙂 i want to try it too 🙂

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