My Natural Habitat: Book Fair!

Random stuff about me:

1. My dream house consists of a personal library.

2. One of my dreams in life is building a publicly accessible mobile library that also offers reading, writing and storytelling sessions to underprivileged children.

Notice the common denominator? 😀 And now it won’t sound so strange too if I reveal that my favorite Disney princess is Belle from Beauty and the Beast. Yes, I’m a confirmed and professed book lover-slash-bookworm. Predictably, the Manila International Book Fair is an annual haven that I always look forward and this year’s, also its 33rd, is no exception. J says it’s my ‘natural habitat’, lol.

Me with The Lorax! 🙂

Though the rain was pouring crazy today, I’m glad that my friends and I braved high waters and trooped to SMX for the 33rd Manila International Book Fair. The fruits of of today’s trip? Two autographed books and finding books where interests intersects with passion. 

My sister with Pugad Baboy creator Pol Medina, Jr. \m/

My sister, the artist that she is, is a fan of Pol Medina, Jr. She appreciates well his style of cartooning and laughs out loud at his strips. Now in its 24th installment, Pugad Baboy remains to be a fixture in our bookcase. May the pork always be with you, Pol.

Where interests meet passion…where books meet makeup, design and jewelry.

I admit it! I got gaga over these books and hoarded it. So sue me. Two books written by prominent Australian Makeup artist Rae Morris, a beaded jewelry book and fashion illustration techniques. Looks like I’ll be busy for the next days to come. Don’t worry as I’m raring to share all about these books to you. 🙂

Last but definitely not the least, I picked this set of manga – stories of St. Paul and St. Judith. I’m no big fan of manga but I bought this because: a. one set, consisting of 5 books, only cost me 100 pesos, and b. it would be a wonderful addition to my personal library. I’m so looking forward to start reading the story of Saints Paul and Judith. 🙂

This caps my trip to Manila International Book Fair this year. Though I personally feel that the aisles between booths can and should be wider, I’m very happy with my loot and I will once again look forward to this for the following year. 🙂

Were you also in the Book Fair? Share your ‘conquests’! 🙂




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