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My Natural Habitat: Book Fair!

Random stuff about me:

1. My dream house consists of a personal library.

2. One of my dreams in life is building a publicly accessible mobile library that also offers reading, writing and storytelling sessions to underprivileged children.

Notice the common denominator? 😀 And now it won’t sound so strange too if I reveal that my favorite Disney princess is Belle from Beauty and the Beast. Yes, I’m a confirmed and professed book lover-slash-bookworm. Predictably, the Manila International Book Fair is an annual haven that I always look forward and this year’s, also its 33rd, is no exception. J says it’s my ‘natural habitat’, lol.

Me with The Lorax! 🙂

Though the rain was pouring crazy today, I’m glad that my friends and I braved high waters and trooped to SMX for the 33rd Manila International Book Fair. The fruits of of today’s trip? Two autographed books and finding books where interests intersects with passion.  Continue reading



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From Jars of Clay to Vessels of Grace

My current read, which might just make it to my ‘Books to Read Again and Again’ list, is Treasure in Clay: The Autobiography of Fulton J. Sheen. To call it inspiring would be to say the least about it. The former archbishop touches on the very beautiful topic of human frailty and its intersection with the magnificent grace of our Lord. He talks candidly about it in a very personal manner, speaking both like a spiritual director and like a trusted friend.

A few of my favorite quotes in the book include:
“God does not make anything with the purpose of destroying it. There is no waste in life. Childhood is not a waste. It has relationship to the rest of life.”

“That portion of us w/c is tried and tested, w/c is subjected to many trials, is not a waste. The tears, the agonies, the frustrations, the touls are not lost. All of these, w/c seem to militate against life, are worked into new forms.”

“Life may be marred into a broken thing, but God can make it into a thing of beauty.”

As the Conversion of Saint Paul is celebrated today by the Catholic community and today’s homily focused on the mandate given by Jesus to the eleven apostles in today’s Gospel, Treasure in Clay immediately came into my mind. Indulge me as I write down and share a few of my thoughts with you.

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