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Bows and Bun: Updating the everyday bun

With the unpredictable weather in the Philippines and my thoroughly lush (read: way too thick) hair, I would inevitably reach for my hair elastic even before I leave home for work.  It used to be a ponytail all the time until I learned how to do a bun with just two elastics. From then, a bun was a default for office days especially since it looks more professional than a ponytail (IMO).

Lately, I got quite bored with it and decided to give it a little lift. In true vintage, ladylike style, why not add bows?

The result…

Ta-da! I tied my the top half of my hair in a half ponytail with this pretty bow Continue reading



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Week in Review: Stress Eating, Bordeaux Lips, and Gradient Nails

Ooops, I did it again. Nope, I’m not going to go Britney on you guys but I’m sorry for being MIA for almost two weeks. A lot of things are happening at work (coordinating for an event) and my grandma was hospitalized for a week (thanks to everyone who are praying for her fast recovery) so writing had to take a backseat for a while. My new header (oh look up the page! Do you like it?) inspired me, though, to get down to business and write a post. Hey, I’m never getting momentum again if I don’t start now, right? 🙂

Stress Eating

As I’ve mentioned, a lot is going on and that always produces some kind of STRESS for me. And you know me, my “cat-ness” is more Garfield-ish – I resort to eating. Guilty as charged. I share with you this week’s guilty pleasures, you just mightwant to try one for yourself. 🙂

Oh please raise your hand if you didn’t have these snacks even just once in your lunchbox back in grade school!

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Be Magnetized with Bobbie Magnet-Ficent Polish

I’m a sucker for colors. Yes, I really am so it’s no surprise that I have a lot of nail polishes, way too many than I think is the practical number of polishes to have. The latest addition to my ever-growing collection is Bobbie’s Magnet-Ficent Polish in SI- 204.

My quick thoughts on it:

SI-204 is a pretty silver shade – very wearable, safe but not dull.

The polish is of a thick consistency but it actually dries up fast and well.

The magnet is on top of the bottle cap and is not removable.

Has the usual chemical nail polish scent (which can leave one semi-‘high’ after some time. I kid.)

First try. Practice makes perfect!

My experience:

I first thought that it was defective because nothing was really happening and I was beginning to feel frustrated. Although, truth to tell, the gunmetal gray shade wasn’t so bad in itself that I was prepared to accept that the polish doesn’t work. Good thing that I searched for reviews and found one post with helpful hints in using this. Continue reading


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Birthday Look

So many beautiful blessings on my birthday. Indeed, God is very good (and generous). I’ll be writing a separate post on that; this short post is on today’s look and which is something I’m thankful for – getting the hang of eye makeup.

To put it bluntly, I suck in doing eye makeup. I can never seem to get the right blending, it always creases, I mess up just when I’m about to finish lining my lid, and all other eye makeup emergencies. So when I had lunch with a good friend today and she commented how ‘nice’ my eye makeup was today, it made me feel a little bit ‘kilig’ inside. 🙂 I’m glad that this is the second time that I’ve received compliments on it. I guess practice will make it perfect someday. :p

Let’s skip the blah blah blahs and get down to today’s look.

Thank you pd & co. for today’s beautiful top.

Products Used Continue reading

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My Natural Habitat: Book Fair!

Random stuff about me:

1. My dream house consists of a personal library.

2. One of my dreams in life is building a publicly accessible mobile library that also offers reading, writing and storytelling sessions to underprivileged children.

Notice the common denominator? 😀 And now it won’t sound so strange too if I reveal that my favorite Disney princess is Belle from Beauty and the Beast. Yes, I’m a confirmed and professed book lover-slash-bookworm. Predictably, the Manila International Book Fair is an annual haven that I always look forward and this year’s, also its 33rd, is no exception. J says it’s my ‘natural habitat’, lol.

Me with The Lorax! 🙂

Though the rain was pouring crazy today, I’m glad that my friends and I braved high waters and trooped to SMX for the 33rd Manila International Book Fair. The fruits of of today’s trip? Two autographed books and finding books where interests intersects with passion.  Continue reading


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August Favorites: Maybelline, Avon, VMV, TonyMoly, Palgantong

The thing with this passion for cosmetics: it comes with a constant desire to test new products. There is one and every product for each need and want imaginable. I liken it to getting to know oneself; along the way of every product try is a chance to discover really good ones that raise our confidence a wee bit higher.

While we’re at the half of September, I thought I’d run through a couple of products that were in my mental ‘Favorites’ list for the month of August. These are products which I have tested last month and found to be very effective.

Without further ado, these are my ‘hit’ products for August:

Photo credit to Maybelline Philippines Facebook fan page

1. Maybelline Baby Lips Cellular Repair Balm in Smoothing Cherry

The kikay girl in me has been a sucker for lip balms since I was 10. I’ve gone from cult favorite Chapstick to Nivea to Blistex and back but I’ve never really been very satisfied with it. It tended to make my lips peel and a bunch of other effects which left me wondering when whether lip balm was really as essential as many beauty gurus point out. But this one from Maybelline really works for me.

True to its promise of supple, smooth and hydrated baby soft lips, this is my HG lip balm. No more peeling and rough-to-the-touch lips! 🙂 

Plus points for not having a chemical taste to it and the yummy scent of cherry. ♥  Continue reading


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Love at First Swipe: NYX Matte Lipstick in Tea Rose

One word this week: HECTIC. I wasn’t even able to push through with yesterday’s dinner and show at Barbara’s which I was so excited about. Nonetheless, I don’t want my poor blog shriveling up just when I’ve started to feel a wee bit more passion for writing again.

NYX Lipstick is a favorite among bloggers – known for its affordable price range as well as the substantial quality that comes with it. Finally, I have had the time (and resources) to try this out for myself. 🙂 Thanks to Skye Avenue for providing me my NYX fix (at a very affordable price too!). 🙂

Since I primarily just wanted to try this out first, I bought just two lippies: Matte Lipstick in Tea Rose and Soft Matte Lip Cream in Pink Peach Fuzz. Allow me to rave about the Matte Lipstick in this post. 🙂

NYX Website says:

NYX Matte Lipsticks are highly pigmented, richly formulated lipsticks that glide on smoothly, stay put and impart a non-glossy, high-fashion matte finish as they envelop lips in brilliant color. From Pure Red to Nude, Matte Lipstick is available in 22 rich, shades. 

Why it got me in Love at First Swipe? ♥

  • First, the packaging. It’s straightforward, not too fancy yet not too drab that I wouldn’t want to bring out in public.  Continue reading


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