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Getting Tagged: 5 Random Facts

What’s up, people of the universe? 😉 I’m trying to be more diligent with my blog posts (hehe!) so as to, well, share (not bore!) with you tidbits of the Curious Cat’s blessed life. Here we go with the 5 Random Facts tag; shout out to fellow blogger Michelle of All About Being Glam! 🙂 Follow her blog, she’s really nice and her posts always inspire me!

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5 Random Things about the Curious Cat


1. The Ever-Nervous Adventure Seeker

In my mind, I play myself out to be a Dora the Explorer type minus the purple backpack and China doll bangs. Can I say that I delude myself that I’m an adventurous person? Sometimes, haha. And it frequently ends in bouts of nervousness.

Case in point:

Bohol 2012 – Crossing the Hanging Bridge

I was so game to cross the bridge and was even encouraging a friend of mine who had a fear of heights and was understandably nervous about the whole thing to go for it. The chicken that I am, I gulped when I saw the river under the bridge and came face to face with the bridge itself. In the end, I was so slow in walking that I had to be overtaken. Haha!

Corregidor 2012 – Bumpy Boat Ride

I guess the waves weren’t so very cooperative that day and I got seasick after my first 10 minutes in the boat. :)) I was so enthusiastic about the whole thing and so optimistic that I wouldn’t get sick when J warned me about the possibly bumpy ride. So yeah, that’s why I became a regular office worker and not a maritime person. Hehe. 😀

Sagada 2012 – Caving and Spelunking

There had been a lot of warnings about the whole caving and spelunking thing to be difficult and of course I had to pay no heed to all of it. My headstrong self still wanted to prove everyone wrong. I guess it’s quite obvious how it all ended – not even halfway through the cave, our guide told us that the girls in the group cannot proceed with the tour as we were not ‘physically prepared’ for it. Too bad, I still plan to come back sometime in the future and explore the whole cave! 😀 (never say die, they say, haha)

Some more random things about the Curious Cat!

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[Pressing] On the RH Bill Debate

The debate on the RH Bill has been on the rage once again as voting for it will be next week. This is actually a good read on reasons not to support the Bill. It’s not a very long post and I hope you can take the time out to read it.

Unheard of reasons why I am against the RH Bill. (credits to blogger Trish)

And if you do wish to revisit your stand on the Bill, why not take time out to re-read the Bill too? 🙂 My friend, Jaymee, has uploaded a copy of HB 4244.

This is a crucial point for the Philippine society and I can only hope that everyone takes time out to educate themselves about the surrounding issues and decide what kind of future and society they want their future children and grandchildren to be left with.



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Long-Term: A Look into the Reproductive Health Bill and the Family

Last night, there was a debate on the Reproductive Health Bill and the issue is now hotter than ever (hotter than a normal summery day in the Philippines!). Two months ago, I was invited by my friend Paula to write an article on the RH Bill for the series that she has in her blog regarding the Bill. With the issue gaining ground again, I thought it would be nice to repost my article here.

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