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Bows and Bun: Updating the everyday bun

With the unpredictable weather in the Philippines and my thoroughly lush (read: way too thick) hair, I would inevitably reach for my hair elastic even before I leave home for work.  It used to be a ponytail all the time until I learned how to do a bun with just two elastics. From then, a bun was a default for office days especially since it looks more professional than a ponytail (IMO).

Lately, I got quite bored with it and decided to give it a little lift. In true vintage, ladylike style, why not add bows?

The result…

Ta-da! I tied my the top half of my hair in a half ponytail with this pretty bow Continue reading



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Week in Review: Stress Eating, Bordeaux Lips, and Gradient Nails

Ooops, I did it again. Nope, I’m not going to go Britney on you guys but I’m sorry for being MIA for almost two weeks. A lot of things are happening at work (coordinating for an event) and my grandma was hospitalized for a week (thanks to everyone who are praying for her fast recovery) so writing had to take a backseat for a while. My new header (oh look up the page! Do you like it?) inspired me, though, to get down to business and write a post. Hey, I’m never getting momentum again if I don’t start now, right? 🙂

Stress Eating

As I’ve mentioned, a lot is going on and that always produces some kind of STRESS for me. And you know me, my “cat-ness” is more Garfield-ish – I resort to eating. Guilty as charged. I share with you this week’s guilty pleasures, you just mightwant to try one for yourself. 🙂

Oh please raise your hand if you didn’t have these snacks even just once in your lunchbox back in grade school!

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My Natural Habitat: Book Fair!

Random stuff about me:

1. My dream house consists of a personal library.

2. One of my dreams in life is building a publicly accessible mobile library that also offers reading, writing and storytelling sessions to underprivileged children.

Notice the common denominator? 😀 And now it won’t sound so strange too if I reveal that my favorite Disney princess is Belle from Beauty and the Beast. Yes, I’m a confirmed and professed book lover-slash-bookworm. Predictably, the Manila International Book Fair is an annual haven that I always look forward and this year’s, also its 33rd, is no exception. J says it’s my ‘natural habitat’, lol.

Me with The Lorax! 🙂

Though the rain was pouring crazy today, I’m glad that my friends and I braved high waters and trooped to SMX for the 33rd Manila International Book Fair. The fruits of of today’s trip? Two autographed books and finding books where interests intersects with passion.  Continue reading


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Workwear Essentials: Avon Multiway Cowlneck Dress and Manzzini Carry-All

Quick trivia: The Curious Cat has been a member of the Philippine labor force since 2009. Yup, fresh out of graduation! Never had a long vacation after 4 years of college life and couldn’t afford to take a break anyway. 🙂

I am now at my third job and have realized the sore lack of office clothes in my wardrobe. Must be due to the informal nature of my two previous jobs. But as I get to realize more and more the value of appropriate dressing (especially in the work setting),  I should really start building my key pieces.

The usual instinct would be to buy first a good pair of work trousers or slacks but I find myself getting drawn to dresses partly because it takes me forever to find a well-fitting pair. Something to do with my hips and tummy, hehe.

You know the ubiquitous LBD (little black dress) that keeps cropping up in the ‘must have’ lists? Well, I must have about 3 of that now – in different cuts, texture, and fit. Allow me to share one of them with you together with the perfect complement to it, a simply gorgeous black carry-all.

I present to you: Avon Multiway Cowlneck Dress and Avon Manzzini Carry-All 🙂

Can this be love I’m feeling right now? ❤

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Your friendly Avon lady! :)

Hi, I’m Jenny your friendly Avon lady at your service!

Finally got the nerve to register in Avon yesterday and start selling their products. I’m totally excited about it! 🙂

I love Avon products. I’ve been using Avon prods for years and can testify to its quality and affordability. Simply put, I believe in what I sell (in the same way that I believe 100% in the slimming coffee which I sell too, heehee!).


So ever wanted to buy but was too shy about it or didn’t know who to approach for it?
Looking for a more affordable alternative without sacrificing quality and style?
Just want to share your passion for Avon products?

I’d love to hear all about it! 🙂
So let’s say hello together to the company for women celebrating 125 years of womanhood.

P.S. It’s so great too that Avon does not test its products on animals. 🙂

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Hello summer!

It’s not April yet but seems that summer has already started! It just keeps getting warmer everyday. Today has been recorded as the hottest day yet for this year – 34.4 degrees. Wow, no wonder I was feeling dehydrated the whole day no matter how many bottles of water I drink.

My beat the heat fashion? A plain white tee (the ultimate cop out fashion choice), jeans, my trusty flats and for an instant dose of chic, a nice pair of sunnies. Enter this pair which I bought at the Super Sale bazaar yesterday. Ta-da!


And my easy 5-minute routine? Slather on some BB cream (with SPF, of course. I love double, and even triple, duty products. Top with BB finishing powder for oil control, tinted balm and cheek tint.


What’s your beat the heat style strategy? Do share!❤

P.S. What has me excited these days? I’ve finally gotten enough nerve to register as an Avon representative. On my first purchase, I will be an official Avon lady. Yay.😃

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Super Sale. Super Shop.

For those itching to go shopping this weekend, check out the Super Sale Bazaar at the World Trade Center! Lots of cute trinkets, lovely clothes at reasonable prices and makeup. Truly every kikay girl’s paradise. 😉

My officemates and I dropped by today and came out with not less than 1 bag of goodies. Heehee. Good thing that the ATM machine was quite some distance to the tent so that was some form of control for us. Otherwise, we would have totally gone crazy. I saw quite a number of interesting stuff but I’m trying to be more deliberate with my purchases. Feeling more responsible, ‘no? 🙂

Quick post of my Super Sale loot today.

Got these cute skirts at very reasonable prices! Since summer’s around the corner (or it might be here already since it has been super hot lately), I figured I might as well have something cool and easy to wear. Enter swishy skirts – light and comfy. Not to mention that the length is very modest. Thumbs up! 🙂


Love love the tribal print! Fun and colorful, talk about having that summer vibe! The waistband fakes a decent waistline for me, lol. I love the floral print too and the aqua shade. So easy on the eyes, don’t you think?

I got some sunnies too. Very affordable and chic at the same time. I’d love to have at least one designer pair but while I’m rationalizing the price tag in my mind, I’d gladly settle for unbranded pairs.



Cute, right? 🙂 Perfect for the sunny days ahead!

I also bought a pair of gold Heliana sandals that are really comfy and super chic. Best part? Locally handmade. C’mon, who doesn’t want to support our local economy?

Head to the Super Sale Bazaar which will be in WTC until Sunday and see for yourself all the interesting items for sale. ❤

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