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Long Weekend Diaries: Part 2

Random fact about me: I’m a mood writer. When my mood’s off, I usually can’t write substantially. Much less, properly.

I really wanted to write extensively for Part 2 of my Long Weekend Diaries but I just feel so out of my element. Will post photos, instead. This post is dedicated to one person I really miss.

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Marchin’ up at Army Navy – Taft

You know what they say in Filipino, “ang may pinagsaluhan sa hapagkainan ay mayroong pinagsamahan”? I’m not sure about the exact English translation (to stay true to the expression’s context) but basically it’s about relationships being built over meals shared. Would you agree?

I have lots of fond memories at Army Navy, a burger+burrito place with a cool atmosphere that always manages to give off a weekend vibe (even on a weekday lunch break! \m/). I’ve been there with a lot of people in my life save for my parents and a few friends. I’m glad that I ‘broke bread’ with new friends tonight in none other than…*drumroll please*…Army Navy!

*Bring out the photos!*

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Must be the bed weather

Just a quick post; could not resist snapping a photo of this stranger kitty taking a catnap in our garden.


Normally, we do not want stray cats hanging out in our backyard but this kitty looked so particularly peaceful that I didn’t have the heart to shoo it away.

Ah, the curious cat would surely love a weekend nap like that. 🙂

XOXO, Curious Cat

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[Tumblr Photo Challenge for February] Days 2-6

Photo dump coming right up! 😀 Photos I posted for Days 2-6 the February Tumblr Photo Challenge.

Day 2: Words

“Life may be marred into a broken thing but God can make it into a thing of beauty.” – Treasure in Clay

One of the most beautiful passages in then-Archbishop Fulton Sheen’s autobiography.

Bad experiences, wrong choices, unwise decisions – all of these can break us but the Potter can always remold us jars of clay into, maybe not a Ming vase, but an equally beautiful clay pot.

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[Tumblr Photo Challenge for February] Day 1: Your View Today

[Tumblr Photo Challenge for February] Day 1: Your View Today

The main reason why I enjoy Tumblr is that there are many interesting stuff in it. I stumbled on a Photo Challenge this morning and got excited because it would mean 29 new photos for February. Yay! I’m such a photo freak, I know, but better that it challenges me to take photos of something else other than face. 😛 (LOL)

For the first day of December, the challenge is to take a photo of my view today. Boy, what a nice view I have today and well, almost everyday.

I may not have the highest-paying job and I do get my fair share of stress but the view from the office is hard to top. How can you not love it when you just need to walk a few steps and you have a fantastic view of the Manila Bay. 🙂

Hope you had a lovely view as well today. ❤

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February 1, 2012 · 6:17 pm

Beautiful Things

Sometimes I wish that the human eye can work like a camera so that I can instantly snap a photo of and show you the wonderful things that I see with it.


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