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Real Love vs. Imitation Love

Text-heavy post. But I reckon it’s worth the read. Especially for those who seek real love.

Last Saturday, my friends and I trooped over to World Trade Center for Real Love Revolution II, an afternoon of talks by Youth Ministry veteran Chris Stefanick and America’s Next Top Model finalist Leah Darrow. The first installment of this was held in SMX  last year where we heard Jason Evert speak. We were all blown away with his talk and were, thus, all excited for the second part of Real Love Revolution! 🙂

Just a short note on the Real Love Revolution (from their Facebook page):

“Real Love Revolution is a movement by young people who have come to a clear realization that not everything the world labels as love is love in its real sense. Seeing that choosing to subscribe to a false version of love can be destructive, these young people have decided to work at spreading the true meaning of love by putting up events that not only help enlighten the minds of the youth but also aid them in appreciating and in celebrating genuine love, with all its joys and pains. In partnership with I Am S.T.R.O.N.G., RLR is now celebrating its fifth year carrying the constant tagline and challenge,”i Keep Love Real”.”

A truly awww-worthy photo of Chris with his baby

What I appreciate about this year’s Revolution is that there are two speakers who got to address both the male and female crowd. I’m sure the guys learned not just a thing or two but a whole lot from Chris, who is also a father to three girls, on how to be a real man. And the girls certainly oohh-ed and aahh-ed over how pretty Leah is (I know because I was fangirling), who, by the way, effectively channels modesty in her own demeanor.

The talks were awesome – the content was right on and the speakers were moving but never preachy. I was so tempted to bring out my notepad and pen and take down notes during the whole talk. 😛 I’m so awed with both Chris and Leah that I find myself typing up this post and sharing with you tidbits from that afternoon’s talks. Continue reading


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Food Coma

Ze boyfriend and I met up for dinner. Finally! ❤ He’s been working in the province for quite some time now and his long working hours often make it hard for him to come home to the metro. (So you see girls, be thankful if you’re lucky enough to see your special someone on a fairly regular basis.)

So I was happy, wait, ecstatic, to see him again after quite some time. He just spent the whole day hard at work and with only one meal in his tummy. Terrible! So we did the next best thing – pig out! 😀

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I will be the first to admit: my track record with romantic relationships is not exactly stellar, and thinking about it, partly to be blamed is my impulsive and frank nature.  I mistook growing affection for something deeper and in the past and had no second thoughts in declaring affections first.

At this age of everything “instant” and everything convenient, it’s so easy to jump from one relationship to another, always giving your heart out to that person in the constant search for ‘the one’. But the failed relationships and/or “friendships”, like bread gone stale, leave a bad taste not only in the mouth but more importantly, in the heart. Yes, as much as we’d want to push it aside, there is no denying that every broken relationship leaves a gaping hole in the female heart – one that can set off a vicious cycle of looking for love, finding it in the wrong scenario, being left wounded and again, looking for love.

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